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Discover Seychelles!

The Seychelles are a world of beaches and luxuriant tropical life set at the gateway to the Indian Ocean. Dreamlike and stunningly beautiful, the 115 islands that make up the Seychelles are actually made of coral. The palm forests are, in real life, more lush and dazzling than the scores of travel magazines that feature the Seychelles as the perfect tropical destination for vacations. The waters around the Seychelles are crystal clear and sparkling, better than anywhere else on earth. Snorkelling here will give you a picture-perfect glimpse into the underwater world of marine life, which is as abundant and variegated as anywhere else on the globe.

Making the Most of your Trip to the Seychelles

Paradise will cost you, and the Seychelles are no exception. Before you go, do some research about the islands, activities, places to stay, and things to do. A little planning will go a long way in making the most of your trip, and you will absolutely get your money's worth during your visit to paradise. Be sure to include in your plans side trips to some of the smaller islands, and do some snorkelling or scuba diving. Visit the National Parks, do some hiking or trekking, go bird-watching or go fishing.

Something for Everyone in the Seychelles Islands

If you are into nature, of coure you've heard of the Seychelles islands. These islands are full of endemic species, rare species such as the giant tortoise, and rare plants such as the coco de mer. But the Seychelles Islands have much more to offer, should you find yourself needing variety from the snorkelling, diving, fishing, hiking, and wildlife-viewing. The Arts are alive and well on the Seychelles. The oldest culture group on these islands is that of Creole people, and their arts stand in for the "indigenous" peoples' culture of the Seychelles. We put this word in quotes because people haven't actually lived on the Seychelles Islands for that long. The oldest population here is only a few centuries old, and that's Creole. That means there are many aspects of African culture here, still held very much in esteem and thriving today. There are governmental agencies whose sole purpose is to preserve and promote Creole culture. They are called the National School of Music and National Cultural Troupe (NCT). Both organizations help to preserve the Creole identity for much of the population of the Seychelles. There's also the Festival Kreol, each October. This festival features everything Creole: performances, dance, food, theater, you name it. Three of the main islands of the Seychelles hold events: Mahe, Praslin, and La Digue. Festival Kreol is a great chance for Kreol artists to show their stuff. You can also buy handicrafts at the festival.

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