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Bird Island, Seychelles

Bird Island sits about sixty miles north of Mahe in the Indian Ocean and is truly the birdiest island in the Seychelles Islands. Some of the most interesting birds found on Bird Island are:
  • Sooty Terns
  • Common Noddies
  • Ferry Terns
Most of these birds land on Bird Island only temporarily, on their way north or south during their migatory seasons. They flock here mostly from Spring to Fall. Other creatures you'll find on Bird Island include the Kawksbill turtle, who breed here from late Fall through the deep winter season. There are also giant tortoises here. In fact, the most famous giant tortoise in the world lives on Bird Island. Her name is Esmeralda, and she's actually a he. He has the distinction of being the oldest toroise in the world. He is over 150 years old!

If you are a hard-core bird enthusiast and you want to visit Bird Island while on vacation to the Seychelles Islands, you'll have to become a guest of the Bird Island Lodge. Reservations can be made by contacting the Lodge or by visiting Kingsgate House in Victoria after you arrive in the Seychelles Islands.

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